When to DEFEND Your BIG BLIND In Poker!

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The big blind is one of the least profitable positions in poker. Even the best players are losing money in the big blind! It is extremely important knowing how to play effectively in this position to limit your losses.

How often should you defend your big blind in poker? Find out in this strategy segment video!

I have looked over the most common mistakes that people consistently make in the big blind and give you the strategies to make sure that you are playing correctly!

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When to DEFEND Your BIG BLIND In Poker!

10 thoughts on “When to DEFEND Your BIG BLIND In Poker!

  1. I always struggle with the difference between having blockers and being dominated. The example you gave was having A6 facing calls from the button and SB. While I agree that the more people in the hand, the more likely you are to be dominated, you also said that these are likely really weak calls. So wouldn't A6 be ahead of a lot of the middling hands that these players likely have?

  2. 4:34 – screenshot of charts. So convenient and so thoughtful. Thank you Mr. Little!

    Although I sincerely hope that you find yourself on the receiving end of immense wealth and public respect, I must refrain from hitting the like and subscribe button. The more players who aren't me who see your videos, the less of an edge I'll have over the population at large. It is to my great relief that these videos have viewcounts in the tens of thousands rather than the tens of millions they deserve. Quality here is off the charts. Big ups, Jonathan 🙂

  3. Weird how in the last chart with 15bbs AA is the only pair it says to NOT shove all-in with

  4. My thoughts are this: I have always been a live player only. Recently I played some online microstakes in order to generate some stats and review them. My stats are remarkably good, considering I've never looked at them before. The very worst is that my defense of BB is (way) low. And it's way low, despite the fact that my defense against steals is NOT low. So…that means I'm defending well (by the stats) against raises from the CO, Btn, and SB. But I'm folding to almost any raise from the HJ or earlier, unless I have a hand I'd have raised with myself from that position (not exactly, but close enough). So while your demeanor throughout this video suggests "a lot of people say why would I fold that?!"–holy smoke–I am saying why would I call with any of that? Why would I want to be out of position with a bad hand against a raiser? Now, this is from a cash perspective. I am always at least 100bb deep, usually more, and my villains raise 5x routinely. I probably ought to loosen up a bit. I'm looking at it hard. But I'm having a tough time getting my head around playing as loose as I'm being told.

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