$2K PLO Poker Cash Games Highlights

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Highlights from the $2000 Pot Limit Omaha Cash Game Livestream from earlier this week. Enjoy the action!
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$2K PLO Poker Cash Games Highlights

10 thoughts on “$2K PLO Poker Cash Games Highlights

  1. 7:00 u described it in a very usefull way ..only for this poker, should be consider one the best tools for self improvement in many basics skills for modern society …& only then money is gettin the proper value in our head and we can manage them corectly

  2. great speech!!!

    and then you have ppl like me who enjoy hopping around to different things in life, the typical jack of all trades, master of none 🙂

    i know i will never be the BEST at any one thing,and i shouldnt be because those ppl have put in way more time and years than me, but i love working alongside those career life timers that are great at what they do 🙂

    i guess im saying, it takes all kinds to make the world go round….and at the poker tables, that even includes fish 🙂

  3. Great stream, am relistening to the mindset in the zone stuff while Odesza is playing in the background. It's actually very fitting.

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