ACTIVATE BEAST MODE!! // Texas Holdem Poker Vlog 25

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Inspired by Brad Owen and Rampage Poker, I am a Live Low-Limit No Limit Texas Holdem Poker player who wants to push out great poker content and build a community of PokerBEASTs, where we can learn, grow, and enjoy this beautifully complex game together.

If you what to learn to play Texas Holdem Poker, and are interested in casino poker- subscribe!

I hope you learn some Texas Holdem tips and strategy, the rules for Texas Holdem and how to play no limit texas holdem poker in a card room.

The game is always changing and we are learning poker 2021 strategy. I especially want to encourage you if its your first time playing poker in a card room, or you are learning to play Texas Holdem, and want to learn how to win Casino poker to go for it!


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ACTIVATE BEAST MODE!! // Texas Holdem Poker Vlog 25

10 thoughts on “ACTIVATE BEAST MODE!! // Texas Holdem Poker Vlog 25

  1. Love the vlogs bro. The more amateur perspective is great and I'm learning with you

  2. this may seem ridiculous but how are you guys a) filming at the tables and b) remembering all the hands and action for commentary later?!

  3. yes cant wait to hit casino for first time playn poker in casino..i played virtually via wsop ap nd done online gambling so it’s easier for me but imma do my best to b at ease nd access my probabilities to winning and yes i wont get dragged into pot unless im certain i have the winning hand

  4. Awesome channel man! I’ve been getting really serious about poker lately and it feels rewarding to get out of my comfort zone from Blackjack. You definitely play smart but know when to be aggressive. All the best! 🙏

  5. Love the videos. One minor thing – the word Villain in your on-screen graphics is misspelled. Yours says "Villian" Either way thanks for the vids and keep up the good work!

  6. Dude blind bets are strong, they don't care about the next card at all. Their hand is made.

    You fell for the delayed cbet that is very valuable at low stakes

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