CALL or FOLD? Set vs. Straight in No Limit Cash Game

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I just finished up a session at the brand new MGM National Harbor in Maryland and I absolutely LOVED playing some no limit hold’em cash games there. I’m bringing you this hand from a $5/$10 no limit hold’em cash game where I got caught in a sticky situation against a good opponent. In this video I share some thoughts about cash game poker strategy in general, including range balancing, hand reading and GTO strategy.

I hope you enjoy this one. What would you have done? Call or fold? Leave your thoughts in a comment below.

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CALL or FOLD? Set vs. Straight in No Limit Cash Game

10 thoughts on “CALL or FOLD? Set vs. Straight in No Limit Cash Game

  1. Shouldnt we be playing smaller stakes than normal the same way as higher stakes? Playing splashy at lower stakes would be a pretty bad leak.

  2. Id call that a cooler…most of the time SB is betting an stongish ace there or maybe a nut spade draw with a pair or inside straight draw, I'd say. Anyways glad you are back to doing this.

  3. If I did not know the SB, I would have played it the way you did.  One thing to consider is why the button is calling.  Once the SB re-raises the turn and you call, the button is getting good odds to call.  And again he is getting good odds on the river.  If you would have folded the turn or the river, do you think the button would have called?  The reason for considering this is one, obviously your stack would be larger, two, if the hand ended on the turn you would still have a larger stack than both positions, and three, you are minimizing the winnings of someone that has better odds of winning considering his range.

  4. The fact that you didn't get stacked on an obvious cooler is impressive. In my experience, the thought process of most of the players at this level and below is "I have trips, I can't lose, I have to get it all in." Well done.

  5. Somewhat bizarre that the main Villain checked the nuts on the turn, after the flop being checked around. At the end of the day we lost 3 bets with bottom set against a flopped straight, which is totally fine and standard.

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