Crushing Small Stakes Cash Games by Jonathan Little (Part 1 of 7)

Texas Holdem Tips Video Source & Information: Poker pro Jonathan Little teaches you how to crush $1/2 & $2/5 cash games, 3 things you MUST consider at the table, how to play from various positions, and goes over multiple hand examples. Get the full 7-part video series at

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Crushing Small Stakes Cash Games by Jonathan Little (Part 1 of 7)

10 thoughts on “Crushing Small Stakes Cash Games by Jonathan Little (Part 1 of 7)

  1. people that comment that he should show how the hand ends don't get the point… that is just satisfying your curiosity but has no educational value. What the other player has at the end does not have any effect on if what you did before was right or wrong.. You make a decision based on the information you have at that moment. It's like saying 'I should have called' when the next card that shows up makes your draw'.. No you should not, that's the whole point. if you don't have the pot odd to call you should fold, and if you did that was the correct move, even if the river made your draw

  2. Don't play online poker, the generator is programmed, it's not random. Go play at your local casino and play real poker, online is for donks only……seriously!!!

  3. That's not proper odds when you count ur calling amount. Something has to be "The 1" in the equation. The 1 is ur call. This is printed in every poker 101 book out there. Why do so many of u poker pro's make this simple mistake?? You're skewing the odds to screw yourself.

  4. How can anybody still play online poker and think they could make money ?

    Pokerstars is obviously a scam site, where the big stack almost always wins in order to finish the tournament early.
    I don't know anyone who thinks they could make a profit there …
    On top of that almost all your tutorials are practically obsolete, because most players on pokerstars don't follow those strategies anyways and go all in or bet huge amounts whenever …

  5. It's easier to be wise than to listen to a bunch of cluttered words you've already learned from. Most people maybe just agree with you, but I hate it when I'm forced to because I have to listen to you ramble too much before I do just agree with you. In all reality, you're not the great one master of poker like some AI computer. If there are so many simple arithmetic tricks you could teach us instead, I could understand. But what you're saying all the time with all the other pros is the same bad over and over in a different order of words. Grow up and face it. Do something better.

  6. what happend with the first hand at the river,did you bet, check, did you win?

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