Expert Insight Poker Tip: Playing Small Pocket Pairs

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In this EI Poker Tip of the Day, Phil Gordon teaches you the right way to play those small pocket pairs in no-limit Texas Holdem.

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Expert Insight Poker Tip: Playing Small Pocket Pairs

10 thoughts on “Expert Insight Poker Tip: Playing Small Pocket Pairs

  1. @123ableTHERollyboy

    New shuffling machines and eight deck shoes have killed the effectiveness of card counting. At best you were only getting a 1% edge anyway. Unless you're talking about something different than you're full of sh*t.

    Poker and sports betting (and in limited cases video poker ) are the only beatable games in a casino.

  2. Just a tip for people, if you play online do not slow play a set, online the is controlled to create big pots and if you flop a set the chances are you will lose to a straight or a flush by the river.

  3. @TheLastFraudster i'm going to have to agree with you…i don't get ass-fisted on a table with real cards, like the ass-fisting every on-line player Thinks is normal poker…it's not normal to get run over by 4-9 every fifth hand!

  4. @TheLastFraudster if u play that poker game on fb but if u look at the normal texes holdem you will understand that u can win alot with the pocket pair. and you can see if the straight ofr flush coming a mile away. out of 5 cards u need 3 on the table. so u can see ppl will normally see if they can get there flush before teh river to minimizing the chance of losing alot of money. uou can also have a chanve to get 3- 4 of a kind. or better. 🙂

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  6. it's funny ….SuperSystems teaches a fast approach to playing sets, whereas this video says the most profitable way is by slow playing it… I think slowplaying it is a bad idea.

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