Full Contact Poker Podcast Episode 14 – The Mental Game

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This is the most powerful and important podcast I’ve done yet! Want to take your game to the next level? Then this is a must listen.

In this episode I talk to four expert mental game coaches about the importance of working on your mental game.

Guests include:
Jared Tendler(22:20) http://jaredtendlerpoker.com/
Tommy Angelo(58:40) http://www.tommyangelo.com/ Use discount code Fullcontact for $5 off
Elliot Roe(1:25:30) http://www.pokermindcoach.com/
Robyn Williams(1:57:15) http://www.choicecenter.com/default.asp

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Full Contact Poker Podcast Episode 14 – The Mental Game

10 thoughts on “Full Contact Poker Podcast Episode 14 – The Mental Game

  1. Hey DNegs loved the podcast.
    But try and get a "pop filter" for your mike before the next one. The popping is really distracting and hurts the ears.
    Love your WSOP vlogs too. Keep em coming.

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  3. I can tell you have listened to Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace. It was a very powerful speech.

  4. Wished daniel had listened to this before he played WSOP on GG poker and blew up on Twitch…Such a shame to see that on Twitch. Always been my best poker celebrity

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