FULL LENGTH Training Video of a LOW STAKES Live $1-$3 Match the Stack No Limit Hold’em Game

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A full length poker strategy video that covers navigating live mid-stakes 3 Bet pots, from CrushLivePoker.com.

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FULL LENGTH Training Video of a LOW STAKES Live $1-$3 Match the Stack No Limit Hold’em Game

10 thoughts on “FULL LENGTH Training Video of a LOW STAKES Live $1-$3 Match the Stack No Limit Hold’em Game

  1. Hey Bart, have been following your content for over a year. dont know how I missed out on this series. Its really great! Its a great opportunity to get access to your thoughts to "mundane" or "unexciting" hands (the most common kind) as opposed to really unique spots brought forward by callers in the regular call-in episodes

  2. Hey why do u say it plays like a 5-5 k game my local poker room I play at is 1-3 nl and the max buyin is the same amount as the table chip leader. Is that the same thing

  3. That happened to me. Accidental bluff. Guy rips it in on the river after missing his straight draw but hitting a pair. I call with AK putting him on the missed flush but he goes you’re good I just have a pair 🤦🏼‍♂️

  4. I like this video alot.

    I think u could've did the last hand hiding the 6 7 suited first, allowing the watchers to not know the opponent's hand. This would allow the watcher to see how the hand played out and then u pause the video to ask "OK players watching, what would u do in this with the aces?" Then go back over it explaining in mundane details what happened and why a call is profitable in a spot similar to that.

    Me personally, I may have folded in that spot to a tighter player that only bets very strong hands, and call the weaker more loose players. Actually I probably would've check-called to minimize how much I could lose in the hand.

    I do agree that the 6 7 suited genuinely thought he had the best hand raising the river. These types of spots is one thing keeping me from winning more money (or any money for that matter) because in lower limits usually a raise on the river here equals back door flush. Coupled with the fact it was checked around on the flop would make me think this way. I honestly don't think I would've checked the flop though, and would've won the pot when it was small.

    Keep the videos coming! I really enjoy these videos and analysis! The only problem is ur making players better that I may play agonist in the future!

  5. Why does CrushlivePoker give info about chances that are wrong?
    14:15 AQu versus A9s is NOT 55 <-> 45. It is 66 <-> 28 (and a 6%tie).

    Bart, your one of the best commentators and you seem to participate in CrushlivePoker. What are you going to do about this?

  6. as a low stakes player I love the analysis. Bro thanks for the help, I hope one day I will be able to buy in to the stakes you do. Keep it up bud

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