How to Host the Perfect Poker Home Game – Live Poker Basics

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Almost everyone gets their first taste of poker at a home game, but not all home games are created equal. In this episode of Live Poker Basics we tell you everything you need to know to host the perfect home game. We’ll teach you how to set up a tournament complete with the right denominations and number of chips, the right blind structure and tips on common situations you’re going to run into. Keep watching the rest of our 10-part beginner strategy series Live Poker Basics to find out everything else you need to know to get started playing poker. Head to for more free poker strategy videos and articles:

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How to Host the Perfect Poker Home Game – Live Poker Basics

10 thoughts on “How to Host the Perfect Poker Home Game – Live Poker Basics

  1. This is for tournament poker. Probably the worst to learn and play for beginners.

  2. If I want to host a four hours long poker game with four players, can I use the same recipe ? Since I have half the player but want it to last double the time ?

  3. I used to have a ring of friends who would have poker tourney a couple times a month. We would take turns at each others house. Damn those were the days. Now everyone is married has kids or moved on in life.

  4. Purple is $500, almost always… is usually $10 or a High Roller chip like 5K ect
    the rest are right though

  5. $25 fine for playing cash poker in AR. Idk who makes these laws but it's truly the stupidest thing I have ever heard of in my life.

  6. When the blind reaches 100 and 200 I want to know what he means by trading out the green for black? Giving all blacks for the greens? Or the value just of the green raises

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