I MAKE MY FIRST STRAIGHT FLUSH! Poker Vlog | Close 2 Broke EP 130

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I MAKE MY FIRST STRAIGHT FLUSH! Poker Vlog | Close 2 Broke EP 130

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I MAKE MY FIRST STRAIGHT FLUSH! Poker Vlog | Close 2 Broke EP 130

10 thoughts on “I MAKE MY FIRST STRAIGHT FLUSH! Poker Vlog | Close 2 Broke EP 130

  1. Congrats on the SF. Enjoying your commentary… really liked how you reflect back on your past commentary and follow your own advice. 🙂

  2. Largest pot I ever won, 1-2 deep stacked after about 4 hours of crazy play at Ceasars Southern Indiana (which you should DEFINITELY visit cause the action is GREAT, ESPECIALLY in the 2-5 streets on the weekends) however. I straddled on button to 10 dollars (you can straddle from any position except blinds for ANY amount largest straddle I personally seen was 800 dollars in a 2-5 game) however. I had 3-6 of spade, called 65 dollars preflop with 6 callers in front, flopped 2-4-5 of spades, never made a bet and was all in by turn 4 ways for a 2630 dollar pot. Up against 2 sets and an A-10 flush. Greatest day ever!!! Love your channel. You seem like one of the coolest and most fun players EVER. I would LOVE to see you and Rampage, Mariano, Wolfgang, Andrew and Brad out here sometime, I cant travel due to my babies always coming first. But I'd LOVE to meet you and the rest of the vloggers

  3. My last live straight flush was at Seminole hardrock playing 2/5 rivered king high straight flush and got the high hand bonus for an extra 500 bucks. Good video as always homie

  4. I hit a jackpot at hg in 2005 and never hit a jackpot since .. back when HG Was in a tent lol

  5. I have hit multiple royal flushes but the best one was I had KQ of spades and the flop was Aspades Jof spades and a 10 of hearts. I flopped the joint and even better my opponent starts blasting off betting into me. I call lol. The turn was a 2 of hearts better yet he still bets into me I call well you guessed what the river was a J of spades giving me a royal flush. Better yet my opponent instantly goes all in stating your flush is no good. I snapped called saying this flush is a royal flush. The table went crazy as he showed A J for a full house. What a cooler!!!

  6. Nice Straight Flush Bro, I just hit my first one last week at a home game. My straight flush was of the hearts suit to the 9. Nice one again.

  7. Hey,hey,hey! Live, only once, 3 way to flop and all the way to river ( still 3 handed) hero with 8s8x on a 5s6s7x /9s/ 7s run out vs. 66 and one maniac with a super weird punt w/ As and one card that paired flop(non spade) Over an 900.00 hand….. Don't laugh, not a big pot to 5/10 players but It was 1/2. Oh. For context on how big the one guy punts, it went in on the turn. It was a 4 bet pot pre, but the 4 bet was just stupidly small by the player with As flop pair kicke(non spade), over a smallish 3bet size.

    Amazing content, as always! Thank you for taking the time to do this. You're one of my favorite people to watch. Best wishes and keep killing it!

    Full disclosure…… Tonight, after taking a beating for hours. I super coolered a guy in .5/1.00 R.O.E. for a monster hand to go from being stuck 180.00 to up, not much but over 150.00 Oh, sry. Words are hard. I celebrated by eating a bunch of mushrooms. I'm so gonna wish I didn't type this when I wake up. Fuk it. Be kind, love eachj other, and tip your loveing bartenders and servers. Just got home. it's 5:03 am. in Chicago. I'm gonna walk to Dunkin Donuts!

  8. I made an K high straight flush with the 9 of hearts in my hand and lost all in to someone with the Royal A hearts in their hand…brutal

  9. Crazy about that straight flush. I just rivered my first Royal Flush when I had jack 10 spades. Flop was queen and king of spades. Bet bet bet everyone calls. Turn no help. Bet bet bet everyone calls. River, BANG, Ace of spades sick right. I bet out 300 call call raise all in I snap call and scoop in a 1500 dollar Royal flush pot. Crazy. Keep up good content and videos. Thank you for your efforts on all you do for the poker community.

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