LOVELY LADY LUCK! // Texas Holdem Poker Vlog 35

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Run Good Poker Tournament – Jamul Series

Insipired by Brad Owen and Rampage Poker, I am a Live Low-Limit No Limit Texas Holdem Poker player who wants to push out great poker content and build a community of PokerBEASTs, where we can learn, grow, and enjoy this beautifully complex game together.

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I hope you learn some Texas Holdem tips and strategy, the rules for Texas Holdem and how to play no limit texas holdem poker in a card room.

The game is always changing and we are learning poker 2021 strategy. I especially want to encourage you if its your first time playing poker in a card room, or you are learning to play Texas Holdem, and want to learn how to win Casino poker to go for it!


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LOVELY LADY LUCK! // Texas Holdem Poker Vlog 35

10 thoughts on “LOVELY LADY LUCK! // Texas Holdem Poker Vlog 35

  1. Dude… please tip Atleast 5$ on pots over 100… when u go on a date do u ask the waitress to separate the check??? Don’t be cheap… it’s the worst look in the world.

  2. That 6-4 call is really terrible. Don't worry, he spotted you well over 50% of equity ratio (pot odds to hand odds%).

  3. Set after set?! Maybe the poker gods are favoring the poker blogger🧐

  4. Nice vids; I normally don't watch vlogs at the 1/2 stakes, but I like your play and how the vlog sticks mostly to poker. Honest analysis is always good too. I will say that I think you need to slow down your speech a bit; it sounds like you're holding a speed auction haha

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