Playing Your First Live Poker Tournament- Beginner’s Guide

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5 things I wish I knew before I played my first live poker tournament. If you’re ready to play a tournament in a casino for the first time, this tips in this video are for you!

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Playing Your First Live Poker Tournament- Beginner’s Guide

10 thoughts on “Playing Your First Live Poker Tournament- Beginner’s Guide

  1. I play a lot of cash games at the local casinos and I've seen a lot of the "weekend warrior" players not know that 1 chip rule. It's funny when they toss that $25 chip in, thinking they're raising only to hear the dealer say "call 3"

  2. Oh, this is a very good video! There are so many players who have never played live poker before. Very useful information and everything is simple and accessible. Thanks to Cardschat for this video.

  3. Back in 2005 there used to be bars all over town that would offer free poker. Some of them picked up sponsors from popular online poker sites to offer prizes with no buy in. With it though came some shady behavior.
    There was one such tournament I was in and the bar owner walked up to the table I was in and started handing out extra chips to his buddies right in the middle of a hand. I was the only one at the table that did not get the bonus chips, but unbeknownst to the bar owner, I was sitting on the nut straight when he did this. I shoved all in out of disgust and everyone still in the hand called with their newly found bonus chips which I promptly won off of them. The bar owner was not happy.

  4. Very nice video! Two things I didn't know at my first tourney were keeping high value chips out front and that the hole cards stay on the table. Funny that I watched so much poker on TV but didn't pick up these things.

  5. what happens if i make day two of a tournament? do i take the chips with me or does the dealer count them for me and give me a receipt for the next day?

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