Poker Betting guide. Free hold em betting tips

Texas Holdem Tips Video Source & Information: free guide to poker betting and betting texas hold em. Online poker betting made easy, poker betting made easy. online poker betting and poker betting tips.

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Poker Betting guide. Free hold em betting tips

3 thoughts on “Poker Betting guide. Free hold em betting tips

  1. For me, when I'm early position left of big blind, I limp in with pocket Aces if I know there are loose aggressive players or if I can sense that someone is going to raise. If someone raises during pre-flop, I reraise them 4-5 times their raise, then few limpers or callers will fold, allowing me to take their blinds. Is this good strategy? Only risk involved is, if everyone calls blind and flop opens without pre-flop raise.

  2. Reason why I do this is because when I was early position left of big blind and I raised 3-4 times the blind, EVERYONE folded. But when I limped in, there were 6 people who were willing to see the flop for one blind but when someone raised 5 times the blind, I reraised him 3 times his raise which is 15 times the blind, then majority of the table who put up their blinds folded since it was 15 times the blind. I use this method to steal limpers' blinds. This method always worked for me.

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