Poker | How to WIN Against Aggressive Players

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If you’re getting into Texas Holdem Poker, you’ll soon end up playing against some really aggressive playstyles and are likely to lose a lot of chips to them. They usually keep betting, raising, going all-in, and are seemingly invincible, as you cower in your corner getting bled to death while their chip stack does nothing but get higher and higher.

However, cowpokes, consider yourselves lucky as today our old labrador Dominic will be explaining exactly how to play against these honchos and, most importantly, how to WIN.

This quick rundown will go over some types of players, playstyles, and finally some strategies on how to beat them using their own strengths against them!

If there’s something we left out, or if you have any particularly interesting aggressive player stories, feel free to share them in the comment section.

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0:49 Poker Playstyles
3:49 Types of Aggressive Players
6:45 How to Beat Them
8:36 Conclusion

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Poker | How to WIN Against Aggressive Players

10 thoughts on “Poker | How to WIN Against Aggressive Players

  1. Have you encountered any particularly aggressive players during your poker cow rustles? Tell us your stories in this comment section!

  2. I appreciate how you actually go into detail rather than doing a hand review and me getting no good knowledge from it. Keep this style of content going I am actually learning what to do now 5 videos of uselessness in. haha nice

  3. Hi
    Sometimes you will get KQ and you raise, but the flop shows 4 7 9, what do you do.
    Fold, or continue to bet.

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