Poker Strategy: Advanced Range and Hand Reading Analysis

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How to Balance Your Poker Hand Range? You’ve probably heard the term ‘range’ and ‘balance’ thrown around a few times at the poker table. See more details »»» «««
This video is about Range and Hand Reading Analysis in Texas Holdem. Another great hand that is a good example of why understanding the poker strategy is so important, both in poker cash games and in poker tournaments.

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On this channel I regularly analyze some of the biggest hands of poker played on high stakes cash games like Poker Night in America, Live at the Bike, Poker After Dark and High Stakes Poker or tournaments like the World Series of Poker, World Poker Tour and European Poker Tour featuring legendary poker players like Doyle Brunson, Tom Dwan, Antonio Esfandiari, Phil Ivey, Gus Hanson, Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu.

I also pick hands which are sent to me from readers like yourself to give you actual feedback on your specific questions.

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Poker Strategy: Advanced Range and Hand Reading Analysis

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Advanced Range and Hand Reading Analysis

  1. Checking your entire range here makes sense if you aren't the pre flop aggressor. This particular spot checking does make total sense. Not to much value in betting even tho its likely the best hand. It's too hard to get 3 streets here by a worse hand so you can bluff catch and it helps to have a hand this strong in your checking range. If he checks behind and a blank non heart hits the turn then we can begin to try and get some value. I don't hate a lead here sometimes tho, get value from one heart hands or Jx hands and at the same time protecting your equity considering how likely it is you have the best hand. You don't want to give any free cards if they have AJ with the A of hearts. You can't always check here when you don't have any hearts you have to mix in a couple leads like this.

  2. Great vid Alec! You can practice this using a Random Flop Generator app. It's easier than shuffling and dealing a deck of cards.

  3. All of this is unarguable, except the notion that the same rules apply at micro stakes. There are real players there sometimes, guys that have put thought into their game, but mostly that isn't the case. Often you're literally playing someone that just took up poker. Or maybe they've been at it awhile, but never gotten serious about it. Trying to think through their thought process won't work. They don't have a process. It's like guessing the password of somebody that speaks a different language than you. Can't do it.

  4. As a competant lag. I am the villian. Your half size bet on the turn is why i min raise. If you were strong enough to bet pot on the flop, the turn does not make a difference to the range you can be pot betting on a flushed board. That line does not pass the smell test to me. It shows weakness. Now i can effectively plot a way to steal the pot from you. I raise for two reasons. Min raises always look incredibly strong. Secondly that bet size effectively leverages your stack size. If you want to bluff back at me. You have to go all in. As Villian I have now got great value in this spot. I have 3-1 value without a showdown. If you flat call the turn then check on the river I shove all in and blow you off the hand. If you flat call the turn and then shove I fold. If you flat call and I am drawing I get greater value with implied odds. At 3-1 odds I am getting great value on this play regularly and will make that bet regardless what two cards I hold. The final bet was perfectly sized too. 3.5/1 to blow you off the hand. Even if you call 1.5 times in that spot villian still is +EV.

    Those KK were played so awful my head hurts.

    You need to pot control with checks and small bets in that spot.

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