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10 thoughts on “POKER STRATEGY – CASH GAME: Let Him Outplay Me!

  1. At these stakes, I think a lot of people would bet a king (and absolutely kings up if he had K2-spades or something) on a board like that at the end. That 1/4 pot check raise was so wimpy, there is just no reason to believe hero has a 5…from what I can see there, no one would ever believe he had a five, and I think many players would think just a king is best there, hell, maybe just a ten. For that reason I think you have to call in that spot and just hope that guy wasn't slow playing an actual boat which might make sense. Now, maybe at the nose-bleeds Alec plays in, it is a different story, but at 1/2 in a casino where almost always people let you know way before the river what they have, and otherwise don't think too deeply in general? Not only that, no one bet for protection against the flush draw, either…another reason I doubt villain has a 5. You gotta call there, man, you really do.

    I fully agree with Alec about that check raise…way too small. Not going to see any folds, not going to get information, not going to accomplish diddly-squat. If you make it 3/4-1.0 pot and anyone calls you're probably toast, otherwise you take down a decent pot right there, or at the very least you take control of the pot and probably get checked to on the river. 20 into 93 is just pathetic.

  2. I used to like you Alec. Until I saw that angle you shot to that guy from Pitt (the all in). Now I just think you're a scumbag.

  3. practicing the poker face is worth it at the expense of people asking whats wrong with you XD

  4. How is he up a buyin with a less than $300 stack ….Hmmmmm. fibber. He bought in for $150 in this game.

  5. Would be nice to know what happened at the end! Just for curiosity sake.

    I'm guessing the muppet called and lost to a K5 or A5 or something?

  6. 3/4 Pot sized raise on the turn should‘ve done it. Playing a obvious set by check- raising it such low is very dangerous….

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