Poker Tip to Breathe New Life Into Your Game | How to Play Texas Hold’em

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Poker Tip to Breathe New Life Into Your Game | How to Play Texas Hold’em

Ego plays a big role in poker games. If you really pay attention, you will notice that most of the conversation at the poker table is people talking poker strategy to make themselves sound smarter than they are to everyone else. But if someone was really a great poker player, why the hell would they talk poker strategy to their opponents? The reason people do this is Ego.

People will even show AA or KK when everyone folds to their pre-flop raise as if they conquered the British Empire one day earlier. Dude, you were dealt those cards. You had nothing to do with it. That would be like me like going to the supermarket, seeing that they’re handing out free chicken kabobs, luckily getting the best one, and holding it in the air while shouting to everyone in the supermarket, “Look everyone! I have the best chicken kabob!”

I guess that’s one way to explain Ego, but nothing is more Ego-ish than a poker player showing a bluff. When someone shows me a bluff after I fold, I always tell myself two things. One, he thinks he’s King Kong, but he’s an idiot for giving me information. Two, he just motivated me to outlast him at this table. The latter has a significant impact in poker tournaments.

The next time someone shows you a bluff, don’t be embarrassed, and don’t get defensive. The best move here is to do and say nothing, but definitely register what happened. Part of the reason he showed you the bluff is because he’s setting you up.

In his mind, and every other poker player’s mind, he’s thinking this: Now that I showed him the bluff, I can bet big with a monster next time and he’ll call. Imagine an animated and weasel-like criminal holding his curled-up hand by his chin in excitement. What he doesn’t know is that he’s playing against you or me, and we’re all over it.

Put simply: The next time someone shows you a bluff and then bets big against you in that same session, fold. It’s a trap. I just saved you hundreds of dollars. You’re welcome!

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Poker Tip to Breathe New Life Into Your Game | How to Play Texas Hold’em

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