Pokerstars Tempest Holdem RAKE TRAP

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Pokerstars Tempest Holdem is probably the worst poker form that has been ever created. It’s a push or fold game with so much rake, even Daniel Negreanu would consider signing with Pokerstars again.

Do NOT play Tempest Holdem if you like money, but here are the rules:

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Pokerstars Tempest Holdem RAKE TRAP

10 thoughts on “Pokerstars Tempest Holdem RAKE TRAP

  1. Thanks for confirming my worst fears. I don't look very closely at rake (my bad!) and I couldn't figure why I was losing so much money at a game that a trained chimp could easily play.

  2. You can make decent money playing this, play 3-4 screens only play with a ace, k+ face if your paying blind or pairs, people feel lucky playing suited connectors and you will usually win with the ace. You will lose your buy in off a couple screens but over a few hundred hands the strategy pays off. If I'm bb ( behind the mega blind) and the mega blind is a tight player I will also play with a okay hand just to take pot which increases each hand until a show down

  3. I've kept track multi-table players constantly holding 10 to 30 all-ins day after day after day. How they do this often going all-in with very weak hands is still a mystery. May have something to do with being Russian or

  4. Picked this up a few weeks ago. Played about 15k hands at the lowest buyin. I'm currently up $500. Yes rake is horrendous but I've adjusted my strategy and have specific tags which change my shoving range. An example which I believe is a mistake is shoving KQsuited UTG or 55. Seems counter intuitive as you only have 10bb but I truly believe it's correct in this format with certain players. I'm thinking about moving up but I'm just happy grinding 2 tables for s few hours a day and making a decent wedge.

  5. Hi. Is it really a rake trap if it's infested with fish calling off with 30% equity constantly?

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