10 thoughts on “RUNNING HOT Vs EXTREMELY LOOSE PLAYERS!!! CRAZY TEXAS HOLDEM Pt. 2 | Poker Profit Vlog EP #10

  1. Hey romo you want me to teach you something too instead of saying I’m nuts say I still have the nuts 😉

  2. I’m a pro blackjack card counter transitioning into poker. I appreciate your analysis and reliance on the math more than any other vlogger right now. You got my support. Hope to meet you one day. Do you bro.

  3. Your a very logical player across the board. Your explanation of why you shouldn’t leave even if your tired was spot on. Playing poker is a business, and sometimes you have to stay open later for the customers. Amazing VLOG. Keep stacking chips brother.

  4. Yea the call with As was good. Ed Miller’s “the course” says the same thing. Why raise the player out of the hand with a strong hand. Let him come along and get the extra money in. Yes your going to get drawn out on some times but for the long term, you will win more then you lose. If he has a hand, he’s calling either way, so give him the rope. I think you can also mix in delayed C bets for more disguised value. Your getting called light in a bunch of spots, and I see people love to gamble. I like the way you take advantage of this factor. Delayed C betting will add profit in these games as your opponents will bluff into you more when you have range and nut advantages. It also allows for more check raising favorable or blank turns which allows for more river value. 🤷‍♂️ just a thought. Keep stacking chips brother!

  5. This is the first time I’ve seen your channel but I can tell I’ll enjoy your content. So, I subscribed.

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