Short Deck Strategy on GGPoker (Six Plus Hold’em)

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Our Coach Hans Gusen plays & explains Short Deck (6+) Holdem Strategy on GGPoker, Asia’s largest online poker room with global access.

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Short Deck Strategy on GGPoker (Six Plus Hold’em)

10 thoughts on “Short Deck Strategy on GGPoker (Six Plus Hold’em)

  1. With table 1 @ 43:31 why did you decide to go for a raise instead of a shove? Is this just to balance your range?

  2. How is rake on gg? Stars rake and rakeback system is horrible, only really beatable at 1$ ante games…
    How is rakebacksystem there?

  3. Not only do the antes bleed your stack quickly but GG poker chose to make it 50bb deep. This just encourages a multiway limp, or limp shove heavy stat imo. Which if you think about it is a way of maximizing rake payed per table.

  4. shoving for 25 antes seems a bit loose since the effective stacks are different no? isn't there a difference between how you play with 6 players vs 2?

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