SPIN & GO STRATEGY AND LIVE PLAY at $40 stakes! Spin & Go Strategy Series

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In this $40 Spin & Go strategy video Nick continues our Spin & Go live play and strategy series.

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SPIN & GO STRATEGY AND LIVE PLAY at $40 stakes! Spin & Go Strategy Series

10 thoughts on “SPIN & GO STRATEGY AND LIVE PLAY at $40 stakes! Spin & Go Strategy Series

  1. Awesome video, I didn't know you !
    Lurking the Internet just to prove myself I did not drop 100 BI because of my level
    Playing at the moment the 25/50 on Unibet, I just can't stand the downswings and easily get on tilt
    Furthermore, impossible to play with the HUD on Unibet and I have no idea of my cEV, which is quite disturbing when you played 10k spins with.
    We have a big Discord channel between us, but the classes are too theorical and based on solvers instead of the metagame and the spots ingame.
    Btw, your curve is absolutely outstanding, gg !!
    You have vert good teaching skills, gonna check if there's other vidz of you !

  2. how can i get the chip graph on HM2? I go on "tournament winnings graph" but it only shows money or buyins

  3. Hey Nick, great content, thanks 👍🏼ypu know where i can find the chip graph on pokertracker? Thx

  4. Around the 17 mins mark you shoved around 18bb. I dont shove more than 12, is that a mistake on my part.

  5. At the end you complete with 5.7 eff J3o, aint that quite lose? Considering you shove most your hands and trap total trash and 88+ I think you should bet the flop.

  6. I was curious about the push/fold spot at 23:23 , I put it into ICMizer and it came up as slightly a fold. ( https://imgur.com/a/kdrm4E9 ) However, this is for calling, not shoving over. I'm not sure how to use ICMizer to calculate that, which makes me wonder how you decide to push over or just call when the button is the shortest stack.

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