Texas hold em Pro Tips Series

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These guys didn’t just wake up and start playing high stakes poker, they listened, they learned, they practised, they studied. Learn from the best, head over and check out our Pro Tips Series, designed for beginners to Advanced players alike.
You never stop learning in this great game! Head over tohttp://texasholdemprotips.weebly.com/ for page after page of Pro Tips. Regulary updated too! Quality blog.Bookmark it, come back, learn,play,enjoy.Peace.

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Texas hold em Pro Tips Series

10 thoughts on “Texas hold em Pro Tips Series

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  2. Ivey played that bad right the whole time….This guy calls 35k on a loveing gut shot and probably plans to bluff a losing hand most of the time in this spot with 7 high its just too crazy smfh…..

  3. I don't know any Poker rules.
    However I can feel such stupid competition will lead them to vulgar personalities.
    Nice video!! ( ´∀` )

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