5 thoughts on “Texas Holdem – Bluffing

  1. Well, it's all good advice, but it's also stuff that I had figured out long before watching this.

  2. You're definitely right. Although it's good advice, this is by no means 'advanced strategy' – I expect most intermediate players to have a firm grasp of the concepts outlined in the video.

  3. Bluffing should just feel natural. When you become pro at poker, bluffing becomes instinct. Sitting at that table is all about absorbing every bit of information unknowingly given out by your opponents. When you play a hand, you should know exactly where you are at, and have a plan for all likely scenarios. Most importantly, know what others players motives are behind their bets. When a player looks at you, you most likely have him beat, otherwise he wouldn't be looking for a tell.

  4. Yeah but watch out for traps They draging you into a game by checking – simulating "no match with flop"waiting for enough big bluff – then reraise.

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