Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker Strategy

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Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus Poker is well known to be one of the simplest online casino games to play but as easy as it is to play, it will never be as easy to win. The true beauty of the game is the excitement it provides and the best excitement is always that of “who will win”. Besides knowing the various hands in poker, you will also need to know a few tips, tricks and techniques to make sure you win more, more often. To help you along the way, CasinoTop10.net has created this video to help you play with a few clever strategies that will improve your game.

Unlike playing regular Texas Hold ‘Em, you’re playing against the dealer or computer and therefore things such as card counting do not work. The best strategy when playing Bonus Poker is knowing how to bet and when to bet, all based on what cards you may have and what possible hands you may receive. These include doubling up when there are cards of the same suit in your two hole cards and in the community cards, either the flop, the turn or the river cards. Knowing your cards and what possible hands might come up in the various rounds, is the best way to win.

What you must understand though, as it is with all betting strategies, the ones in the video are in no way infallible and will not guarantee that you win every hand. The betting strategies provided in the video will however help you even the odds a little bit by providing you with a better chance to win. If you want to try some of the tips we’ve provided, but need an online casino to play at, we can help you there too. Visit our website where you will find a variety of the best online casinos to play at.

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Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker Strategy

3 thoughts on “Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker Strategy

  1. So I started to go to Casinos and enjoy holdem bonus poker so looked this up, but the language was really throwing me off. Like nut-kicker and stuff. I can easily just google it, but as a comment would have been nice to kinda explained these terms for newbies.

  2. Who made this video? The casino? The strategy presented seems terrible. Are they trying to get people to lose money to the casino?

    After the initial strategy of folding 2-3 to 2-7 or betting to continue, you have decisions after flop, turn, and river.

    Just count outs.

    Does the dealer have 14 or more outs to beat what you have? If so, then check. Otherwise, bet.

    Suppose you hold J9o. You did not fold because this is better than 27o. Thus, you see the flop.

    Suppose it is AAK.

    What cards beat you? AAKKKQQQQ. That's 9 outs. That's less than 14, so raise.

    The turn comes T. So, the board looks like:

    Now, which cards beat you? AAKKKQQQQTTT. That's 12 outs. So raise.

    River comes 8. Board reads AAKT8.

    Which cards beat you? AAKKKQQQQTTT888. That's 15 outs, more than 14. So, check the river.

    What if the river comes A. Your board reads AAAKT.

    Which cards beat you? AKKKQQQQTTT. That's 11 outs. So, you can bet the river.

    The cards which beat you are the cards the dealer may have in hand which may beat you.
    You can count a pocket pair as 1.5 outs for this purpose. Any of the above listed cards in the dealer's hand will beat you. You win all the others, barring a straight or a flush which are much less than a single out in most cases, so we don't worry about that.

    Just count outs. Does the dealer have 14 or more? If so, check. Otherwise, you're ahead, even marginally. That's all there is to it.

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