‘The Course’ Skill #1 ‘Play a Simple and Effective Pre-flop Strategy’ Podcast #22

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‘The Course’ is an incredible poker strategy book written by Ed Miller. In today’s episode I show you how to use my 7 Step Process to get the most out of Skill #1 of the book.

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Podcast Mission
My mission for today: I will demonstrate my 7 Steps to Poker Book Learning and show you how to use it to get the most out of every chapter you read by demonstrating how I do it with Skill #1 in ‘The Course’.

There’s a ton of info, so visit the show notes through the URL above to see it all

Here’s my challenge to you for this episode: Follow my 7 steps for the current chapter you’re reading. And if you’re not reading a poker book right now, pick any up off your shelf, dust it off, and pick a chapter that you think you might gain something from. Put into action one important thing you learn from the chapter (or more than one if you’re so inclined), assess the session the next day, make any necessary changes, then act on it again in another session. Rinse and repeat until you’ve added a new skill to your game. Please let me know what skill you’re working on as I’d love to hear your results in this process.

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‘The Course’ Skill #1 ‘Play a Simple and Effective Pre-flop Strategy’ Podcast #22

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  1. Love Ed Miller . …If you have time look up Red Chip Poker. Im a member but not affiliated in any way. Good site.

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