Time To Press Ep.1 Ultimate Texas Hold’em

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Hello, and thank you for watching this video about Ultimate Texas Holdem, a modern spin on the classic card game.

This video will provide a high-level review of the rules of Ultimate Texas Holdem, as well as some useful playing advice.

As a casino game, Ultimate Texas Holdem pits the player against the house. All players begin with the same bankroll, and the purpose of the game is to beat the dealer with a five-card hand that has the highest value.

It’s played with one standard deck of playing cards and begins with the player placing two wagers (the Ante and the Blind). When everyone has finished betting, the dealer will hand out two cards face down to each player and himself.

The player has the option of checking and taking no action or making a Play wager and receiving the dealer’s upcard. When making a Play bet, the player must put up three or four times the size of the Ante bet.

When everyone has completed their moves, the dealer will show the three shared cards. Players have the option of checking or making a Play wager equivalent to two times their Ante.

The second round of betting is followed by the disclosure of the final two communal cards and the players’ hands. The victor is the one who holds the best hand.

Tips and techniques for playing Ultimate Texas Holdem, including when to make which types of bets and how to play certain hands.

This video will teach you all you need to know about Ultimate Texas Holdem, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out.

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Time To Press Ep.1 Ultimate Texas Hold’em

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  1. Play real poker matty!!! This game is garbage. No real poker player plays this. This is like cruise ships n bad hole casino games 🤣 either way win that dough! F the casinos!!!

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