Who Makes Money From Professional Poker?

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Poker is a game of extreme variance. Professional poker players can go stretches without winning or placing at a level that earns any cash. The wins, however, can make up for the droughts with players earning thousands to millions of dollars depending on the game or tournament entered. Considering poker is an inconsistent sport, players look to offset the risk involved. This is done through staking, where an “investor” will pay a player’s way through tournaments for a piece of the action.

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Who Makes Money From Professional Poker?

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Who Makes Money From Professional Poker?

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  2. If you haven't read and thoroughly digested John Scarne's Guide to Modern Poker you have no business sitting at a Poker table.

  3. In good conscience I could never stake any player who
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  4. I grew up watching my dad play with his brothers and buddies on Friday nights. He never let me get in on the action until I was a sophomore in HS. The first time I played with them I ended up going heads up with my dad and beat em. I then would play with them regularly and Would win a lot . They would always say watch out for the kid.

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