Baccarat #8 Winning Grind (Hit Dragon Bet)

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$10 Real Live e-Baccarat Stadium Silent
Testing Follow Opposite 3 Bead & Bonus
Goal is 2 Units win…lets see.
Result: Winner Xtra Bonus
Keeping it Simple
No animation nor audio oratory
Play your favorite song while viewing 👍
Small action play
This is for entertainment only
Sorry for the overhead light reflection
No promise nor selling of a system
Just share ideas might help your game plan
Hope viewers can learn discipline & patience. In honesty, I am still learning coz
emotion take over me instead of logic !
I challenge myself & hope you do too

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Baccarat #8 Winning Grind (Hit Dragon Bet)

3 thoughts on “Baccarat #8 Winning Grind (Hit Dragon Bet)

  1. I like your video . I have a question for you: Many people said that playing Baccarat online or at the machine in casino is not good. Only playing with real dealer is a good deal. They said the machine was rigged. Do you agree with it? In the situation with the coronas virus right now, i think sit down at the machine by yourself is more safer than with the dealer and side by side with the other players. Your thought will be appreciated so i can decide where i will be playing when i visit the casino next month.

  2. Winner of a video, I've been looking for "best strategy for baccarat" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Ponandon Fanyan Framework – (just google it )?

    It is a great one off product for winning at online roulette minus the headache. Ive heard some great things about it and my neighbour got cool success with it.

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