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The Raise Your Edge Podcast has had some great guests, we created a compilation of the top 5 mindset tips for poker players!


00:00 Intro
00:17 Get to know what you like and work really hard
01:47 What to do if you start losing control of your addiction?
04:01 Why is the main reason people blow their stacks?
08:20 How to stop feeling bad in poker?
09:12 How do you prevent tilt?

The full episodes of the top 5:

Maria Konnikova:
Lee Davy:
Coach Bahman:
Michael Soyza:


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  2. 8:10 fits perfect to my situation.
    i know i am very gifted, but i know also i can be extremely emotional. it s like a train hits when things go too much other ways… crazy hard feelings tune in.

    Not like i did not try to deal with it, worked to fix it for ten years+.

    i can stay present. and learned to observe the thinking mind. but the conditioning is incredible strong. its mandatory its thought to young people. they learn so fast.

    i failed so far as a professional poker player bec. of pride, sure dicipline was it too. Although i can develop a crazy drive.
    the time i played poker for a living was pretty crazy, sickest ups and downs.

    thanks, esp to RYE.
    u make this place a better one 4 sure

  3. The key imo is massive amount of volume for Cumicon, nanonoko, dwan, ivey etc i can go and on they put in massive volume to get good at poker. They hardly studied. They admit to it. they think studying is a waste of time. STudying is way overrated. I got good at poker playing a ton of volume. it wans't studying. The problem with studying is you wont remember those spots especially if you study for 7 hrs like that lady did. Its to much info for your brain to remember. And there so many variables every time you play a hand that its never the same. You study a hand and say oh i should of did this. But next time stacks might be different, diiffernet opponent, maybe your in or out of position, different format and you will try to play like your study session. And its wrong cause situation is completely different. I am nota big fan of studying. And i am not big fan of trying to convince yourself not to tilt. Everyone does and you just gotta play through it the emotion will eventually go away. An then over time it will go away faster as you get used to playing through that feeling. Once you conquer and get massive volume in you will be well oiled machine over time and you will have a stronger mindset then anyone on your table if you put more work on the table then they do.

    The only time i have studied is if its a spot i had to think a lot about and i wasn't really sure what to do. Then i will open up pio and study it for 10m and its not for next time its just being curious of what a solver would in that spot. But i wont look for 10 hrs at that spot or anything. That energy should be put to playing. Who knows when that spot is gonna come up again and again to many variables for it to be exactly the same as the spot you studied. Sometimes I think people study as an excuse not to play cause they are afraid to lose.

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