How to CRUSH $25NL Zoom Poker (Play&Explain)

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Poker is a dynamic game. We are playing against humans, not bots. (Or at least we hope so) Therefore, it is important to know the tendencies of your player pool and how to adjust to them.

Since you guys seemed to enjoy my last couple of videos (Links below), I decided to take it even further.

I am going to produce a series of zoom poker videos, in which I will show you the difference between Poker stakes live and walk you through my thought process step by step.

I am going to produce videos in which I explain my poker strategy for: NL5, NL10, NL25, NL50, NL100, and we already have one for NL200.
Which stakes are you guys playing right now? Leave me a comment below!

Here’s another play and explain video from NL200 zoom Poker:

Here’s the video in which I talk about the difference in stakes:

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How to CRUSH $25NL Zoom Poker (Play&Explain)

10 thoughts on “How to CRUSH $25NL Zoom Poker (Play&Explain)

  1. what means "range cbeting" ?

    at 16;38 you steal anytwo because bb fold a lot … and said we cant "range cbeting" and cbet any way.

    Thanks !!! You play really goodpoker!

  2. In the hand with KK with the board 783r 3 8 facing donk bet on the river… if villain checks again … what would be your move? Thanks!

  3. Great video man, keep making these please =) I especially like how you 4b/fold to 5b JJ etc on these stakes, think its wise

  4. How does he have the hand histories of opponent? Is this some sort of app or setting?

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