Baccarat Card Counting: Tie count wins!! $160 to $250 in 17 minutes!!!

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Baccarat Card Counting: 50% profit in 17 minutes.  Real Money Challenge coming soon!!!

123 : +1
4 : +2
5789 : -1
6 : -2

8 Deck Shoe

Positive hands bet Player
Negative hands bet Banker
Tie hands bet tie, no bet, or previous bet

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 {0, -1, -1, -2, -2, +1, +2, +2, +1, 0}. Thorp

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Baccarat Card Counting: Tie count wins!!  $160 to $250 in 17 minutes!!!

4 thoughts on “Baccarat Card Counting: Tie count wins!! $160 to $250 in 17 minutes!!!

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  2. 3:00 Burn Card
    3:50 1st bet $2
    5:27 $4 bet size
    5:57 $8 bet
    6:55 Player wins (banker run ends)
    7:45 Tie, 6 all (3 hands after count!)
    10:47 Bet Sequence at 3 losses for -$7
    12:05. Tie bet for $40 payout/ $31 profit
    13:05 bet size increase to $5
    14:00 Sequence loses 4x in a row.  -$20
    14:40 Double bet size to $10
    15:20 Sequences loses 3x for -$30

    15:28 Tie bet wins!!  $80 payout/$50 profit!!!!  $255 bankroll out!  Over 50% profit!!!!  $95 total profit!!!

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  3. Does the counting of each hand works well in real casino? A lot of times we try applying these at the casino and they fail. I used Ed Thorpe a long time ago and it worked maybe 3 out 10 times

  4. actually Ed Thorpe count is 1122 -1-2-2-1 00 the one you are using is a modified one created by Elliot Jacobson

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