Did Phil HELLMUTH ANGLE A Recreational Poker Player?!

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This poker hand has split the world in half! Some people are saying that Phil Hellmuth angled his opponent whilst others are saying that he was merely giving his cards to Tom Dwan to look at! What do you think?

This Hustler Casino Live stream featured a star-studded lineup that was a mix of poker professionals as well as YouTube and Twitch superstars. MrBeast, Ninja, Ludwig, xQc, Alexandra Botez, Phil Hellmuth, Tom Dwan & Alan Keating were the ones battling it out which regularly saw huge preflop all ins with extremely marginal hands!

There is no doubt that this was one of the biggest poker events in recent history with Alexandra Botez winning over $500,000 from just a $50,000 starting stack!

I talk about the poker strategy for recreational poker players when they are unsure what they should be doing in any given situation. Always trust the dealer and follow their lead!

Protect yourself before you wreck yourself!

Thank you to Hustler Casino Live for allowing me to use this footage, check out this hand and many more on their amazing YouTube channel here:

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Did Phil HELLMUTH ANGLE A Recreational Poker Player?!

10 thoughts on “Did Phil HELLMUTH ANGLE A Recreational Poker Player?!

  1. Do you think Phil Hellmuth was angling in this hand? The comment that receives the most likes after 1 week will receive 1 month of PokerCoaching Premium for FREE!

  2. A top dealer, a world class dealer could handle this easy. Not too many of us. Sorry, and I am retired. Love the game. Always have. But disasters like these can happen anytime at the poker table. And always will. As in any disaster, a number of things went wrong here.

  3. This was not an angle, but this was totally unjustifiable behavior from Phil. Not explaining the equity chop prior to the "Deal". Then calling the people stupid that took issue with his behavior…real class.

    I hope HCL reconsiders having Phil be an ambassador for games like this when players like Garrett and Nick get bumped.

  4. dealer and house mishandled this. Phil wasn't intending to angle shoot, but he technically did the physical act of folding. Depending on house rules they either should've made him fold, or if it's ruled not a fold, then forced him to make the all-in decision knowing Slime's cards. Either way, it would've worked out for Slime and it's so unfair we somehow got to the one scenario where Slime loses. Floor needed to be called, and the dealer should've been more involved to protect the amateurs. It's a house failure, not a Hellmuth angle. I hate the guy, but don't think he was just putting on some incredible performance here — he genuinely thought he was being cool about it by making Slime pay a penalty and not stacking him.

  5. you can tell it wasn't an intentional or premeditated angle by how phil reacts and says "no I didn't–!" before Slime turns over his cards.

  6. It was a fold, Phil pushes the cards forward clearly a fold, even if we deem it not to be a fold, Phil signals at 4.50 in the video for Slime to show his cards even though Phil has not called, so he has folded at this point. Phil needs to give Slime all the money that was in the pot at the time

  7. No doubt in my mind he used his experience for a sophisticated angling opportunity

  8. Honey! He called my raise with an A6 offsuit! This kid can’t even spell POKYR!!!

  9. Not angling. But even graphics tought that was a fold which I think it should be considered as a fold

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