Baccarat Counting Cards (Because You Can)

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Baccarat Counting Cards

This is a brief demo of my bread and butter system, counting cards. They say you cant count cards for the player and banker but I say they are wrong. I also hit a lot of ties. Enjoy my free systems and then come learn how to do this. Sorry for the noise I whipped up the demo in my garage πŸ‘


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Baccarat Counting Cards (Because You Can)

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  1. look like interesting. greeting from new subscriber to 99th. thank you father

  2. Congratulations on getting 100 subs!!! Big milestone! Next up 1,000 subs milestone!!!

  3. Looks intriguing, math is the πŸ”‘ thatπŸ”“ winning!

    πŸ€˜β™ οΈ

  4. I like your methodes and looking forward to friday! Can u tell us something about the money management u prefer playing with the systems u are using?

  5. i'm vietnamese i really like your channel and always follow the video every detail. because some countries are not good at english even myself so a very good video but i don't understand the language so please make videos with translated subtitles so we can understand all the parts of the video that you have shared with us so that we are always the first to like your videos. sincerely thank

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