9 thoughts on “Craps Strategy – Dangerous Throw | New Video Platform Coming | Strong Language

  1. Hey guys I'm off the rails here. Lol
    New throw I use strong language in this one.
    Internet Biachez, just some fkd up stuff on the internet, I'm rapping about.
    New video platfor. Coming

  2. We are securing our video release platforms, we don't trust Google, YouTube etc. They are sensoring channels and deleting channel s aswell. So we are locking things down for the future of dropping our videos.
    Thanks for viewing guys
    CK Dangerous Arm Craps

  3. CK, now you're getting some comedy in your videos. I'll try and see if I can send you an email.
    Your language doesn't bother me.
    We live in a half nuts country!
    I've never seen it this crazy.
    If I found a channel that spoke bullbad like you talked about, I wouldn't listen for two minutes!
    Those people talk bad because they can hide behind the computer screen!
    I feel like your psychiatrist letting you vent. I'm not charging you this time. LOL….
    All those people you spoke about are pussies!

  4. Hey ck my name is pete i would like to no if ur table is a 12ft or 14ft and do u shoot from 8ft or 9ft i like the way u shoot i just want to no where u shoot from and where do u land ur dice at

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