Baccarat Investing Once a Day Every day

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How to Make Money Baccarat, Investing at the Casino

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Baccarat Investing Once a Day Every day

8 thoughts on “Baccarat Investing Once a Day Every day

  1. This is a great video!
    I would like to make a few extra hundred $$$ a week.
    What is the best strategy?

  2. Great job Wilson! This seems to work well especially at the beginning of the shoes when things are formulating. Seems to like the chop better as well. I will let you know with results from the real brick and mortar casinos. Good job

  3. Hello Wilson I have another question for you please. What would you say constitutes a streaky shoe and how to bet on it. I understand a choppy shoe which is mostly what you did in that video but what would a streaky shoe look like in your opinion. Could you give us an example in like how many players how many bankers have to be clustered together to consider it a streaky shoe. I think you know what I mean. Thank you I will wait for your reply

  4. Wilson I think you made a mistake on Thursday. The shoe was choppy and you bet on PP instead of PB. You did win but????
    Am I correct or mistaken?

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