Good Craps Strategy? Fan Submitted, the Hedgeless Horseman

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A good craps strategy sent to us by a fan. Please support us and help us expand the channel

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Good Craps Strategy?  Fan Submitted, the Hedgeless Horseman

4 thoughts on “Good Craps Strategy? Fan Submitted, the Hedgeless Horseman

  1. That was not the Hedgeless Horsemen.

    The Hedgeless Horsemen has a Don’t Pass bet.
    Then it has 3 Come bets with or without Place bets, & with or without odds against the point.

    My version makes it the Head Horseman. lol
    $140 Don’t Pass with $30 Hop 7s.
    Go Across Excluding the point.
    $25 Buy 4,
    $25 Place 5,
    $30 Place 6,
    $30 Place 8,
    !25 Place 9,
    $25 Buy 10.
    Again excluding whatever the point becomes use the above amounts AND ALSO Make A $25 COME bet.
    If the player wants to make the 7 stronger, then they can take odds against the point, but everything is balanced out. The Point being made kills the player.
    $25 Come travels and stays a flat box number with no odds at this time. The Place or Buy bet winnings gets paid and locked up. The Place or Buy bet becomes a new $25 Come bet. The player could use part of their winnings for odds on the Come bet.
    2nd Come bet travels.
    Same as above happens.

    Only 3 Come bets are made per point.

    After all 3 Come bets are set or have action, & if any Buy or Place bets get hit after the 3 Come bets have action, then take single odds from that win onto one of the Come bets.
    When the Come bet gets hit with or without odds, then it get replaced by its original Buy or Place bet.
    From there all bets will get mid or half pressed on whatever number hits.
    Of course the 7 resets everything, and we start all over, however we will have made a profit.

  2. All that and I have no clue what the strategy is. Anyone who makes a general comment about come bets without odd do not make sense does understand craps strategy. The only advantage about odds is the casino paying out true odds. It doesn’t improve the bet probability bs the 7. That’s why the casino always tell the dealers to remind you about placing odds. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t put odd but you can’t make a general statement that come bets without odd make no sense.

  3. Actually that isn’t the hedgeless horseman strategy. The strategy is a don’t come bet with 3 come bets. Capitalize on an early 7

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