Baccarat made simple

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Baccarat is the most elegant of casino games, which makes most casino visitors initially shy about participating, Baccarat Made Simple is an easy to follow interactive DVD which teaches the game step by step and will make you become a winner. Just Pop-in the DVD and let us show you how to master the rules of Baccarat, and you will feel happy you did when joining the game at the Casino.

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Baccarat made simple

10 thoughts on “Baccarat made simple

  1. listen theres no need to attack this guy i understand what hes doing here …hes trying to show people who UNDERSTAND AND ALREADY KNOW the rules of baccarat how to play on the big tables..anothewards dont be intimidated …many people just play mini baccarat without having the fun on big tables ..hes showing you how the big tables work not how to play baccarat

  2. what the hey, yo! This made less sense than about well anything…please remake this or take it off and go cry in a corner

  3. Dragon bonus Baccarat is a simple punto-banco baccarat game with a side bet, which wins depending on what was the difference between the Punto and Banco hands. However the traditional Chemin de Fer plays kinda like this guy showed, you get the shoe and the pallet if you are the banker which passes in circles to players who can afford to bank. Then if you are the banker you deal the cards to the pallet and the highest wagering player decides how to play the "punto" hand to draw or stop.

  4. This guys Baccarat videos are superb! WTF is everyone attacking the guy for? He explains everything perfectly

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