Trapping your poker opponent like a BOSS!

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Trapping your poker opponent like a BOSS!

10 thoughts on “Trapping your poker opponent like a BOSS!

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  2. Hi. Thanks for the compilation. Here's one I'd like to see: a mix of successful traps like these with "traps gone wrong." That is, the latter group are places where someone was trapping but they let their opponent stay in to pick up a miracle. They have to be cases where if they had bet out normally with their big hand, the opponent certainly would have folded, but their greed led to a downfall.

  3. Not a poker player, really enjoy watching poker though. On one hand I can understand the frustration at the end and not wanting the camera following you around after a bad performance. On the other hand, you are playing at a high level on televised programs. Act professionally. The TV crew is going to want an exit interview and you are probably obligated (contract?) to give them an interview. Act professionally.

  4. Scott Seiver AND Vanessa Selbst in that last clip. Throw Justin Schwartz into the mix and you have the Unholy Trinity of Ugly Trolls.

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