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Baccarat in a live casino is certainly an enjoyable game to play, but sometimes, every deal doesn’t take long. The dealer shows the cards face up, and the players can easily learn if they succeed in their bets. Inside brick-and-mortar casinos, however, the game of baccarat is oftentimes injected with drama and tension. Players are afforded the ability to “squeeze” the cards there; a main reason for the increased popularity of the game.

The idea behind the squeeze baccarat game in every deal lies behind the superstitious beliefs of the players, where they believe that doing so can change the outcome of every card being dealt. Although this practice does not have any impact over the whole course of the deal, card squeezing is a way of bringing excitement to playing baccarat.

It is for this reason that Oriental Game included the squeeze baccarat feature to our game offerings. Players will definitely love how this game is played; once the deal starts, they are given ample time to “squeeze” the cards drawn. Players can “fold” the cards in different directions and “open” them in real time, just like any high roller inside a casino establishment. This feature is best played in a touchscreen device.

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Baccarat Multi Game – Oriental Casino Online