Set Poker – A New Game

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Check out Set Poker – a new twist on a classic game: fast-paced and easy to learn, but tough to master. You play against the dealer with just three cards in your hand, but these hands can make powerful combinations. Place main bet on “Ante” and side bets on “Lucky 3” and “Lucky 6” to maximise your winnings up to 1000 to 1! Be the first to play Set Poker!

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Set Poker – A New Game

3 thoughts on “Set Poker – A New Game

  1. I have played probably a hundred hands of this..and still don't get it. It would be nice if there was something fully explaining which bet is for what and what the cards mean against the dealers.. because I think ok, I get it, and whoosh, they take it all, with me going…hold on … um…

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