Baccarat Wining Strategies by Chi 7/7/19

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LIVE PLAY FINALLY !!! Well my flight was cancelled due to bad weather in Texas . My next flight is tomorrow morning at 5 : 30 am.
This is my 5 and you are out System : )) Won’t be making another video until Saturday …. Cheers everyone : ))

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Baccarat Wining Strategies by Chi 7/7/19

8 thoughts on “Baccarat Wining Strategies by Chi 7/7/19

  1. Great system to win 3-5 chips ..I like you way of play.Thanks …You help me a lot in game of baccarat….Thanks….and good luck to all players :)))

  2. Unexpected bonus video 🙂
    Nice to see live play again. I know what you mean about all the practicing, you get itching for some live play. But practice can be humbling also. I was on a nice 34-0 session win run using 3 & Out with $5 units and a $300 stop loss, going for a 3 unit win. Built the $300 up to $747. Then crashed after 3 loses in the next 6 sessions. Could I of survived with a larger stoploss, or just loss more? I don't know. At least it was only practice. Back to the drawing board lol.

  3. Master Chi I thought your fav system is Three and your Out why there is no Live casino play

  4. I have been waiting to see what your base bet would be, you play in fun mode with $25 base bet, but when it comes to real money you use $5.
    I guess that 5 unit starting bet isn’t all that great after all

  5. I think the bet sizes in this vid make a lot more sense than using $25 as your base & your unit size. Up 3 units had you at $100 after just one loss. That's asking for trouble until you are used to playing for those higher stakes & have the bankroll that you are willing to put at risk.

    Don't forget, when the time comes to raise your stakes you could just make $10 your base bet AND your unit size. In that case up 2 units would mean increase of $20. Everything would still be proportionate to what you did in this vid but doubled.

    I'm partial to your UP 3 units after initial loss (and down 3 after first win) MM system. When you eventually hit a nice long chop and you are going up & down 3 units at a time the profits really stack up quickly.

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