4 thoughts on “Baccarat Winning Strategies with Money Management 9/22/19

  1. For sure i play zone bet with small bankroll and i feel great .In the future i feel the up 2 down 3 is best odds ….I check up 3 down 5 and i think this is to risky my opinion .I practice this online and when i need only 3-5 chips then no problem .If i go deep just to check this then truble come 🙂 In my opinion the choice of way of play is individual i like Zone bet and up 2 down 3 ,banker system is great becouse if player comes then after two banker we have one up two down :)))) Peace.

  2. That was a little scary at the start of your live play. Glad you ground it out to your win goal. I was glad you chose U2D3 for live play. I think that's better than U3D5. U2D3 in combo with your Banker System seems VERY solid to me.

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