King Duece “suited” at 2/5 no limit holdem in Detroit, MI! Detroit Poker Vlog #42!

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One hand. King Duece suited. At a short handed passive $2/$5 live NLHE cash game, in Detroit, MI!

This video is a little bit different than the usual… Let me know if you liked it!

We can all learn something from talking about poker hands, and analyzing them. Maybe it can help some of you learn to play poker, and help you to discover how to win at poker!

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King Duece “suited” at 2/5 no limit holdem in Detroit, MI! Detroit Poker Vlog #42!

10 thoughts on “King Duece “suited” at 2/5 no limit holdem in Detroit, MI! Detroit Poker Vlog #42!

  1. 😂😂👍 I was more interested in the wig acting guy than the k2 hand. But that’s why we don’t play k2 😉

  2. Can the next video include the thunder clapping that you referenced when the OMC's flush comes in?

  3. That’s just a cooler with no way to fold with his chip stack. I’m pretty sure a flop check is the best option. You only gain value from Ax check-calls on the flop after betting. All Kx hands beat you. Any check-raise on the flop after you bet, would mean you have to jam or fold. You couldn’t just call a check-raise hoping for a 2. It’s not the best flop for value at all. You’re glad to see it when it hits, but when someone continues, you’ll get coolered by any Kx or inside straight draw. Maybe a larger bet on the flop would also be a better play. I think betting 20 into a post-rake 70, giving 4.5:1 to two opponents behind you, is asking for a cooler.

  4. With that flop, what do you think people are calling with??? Theyre not scared or worried about the hand, which should sound alarms. You should be going into check call mode. BTW, dont play K dewey!

  5. Ready for the next Vlog!!!
    Question. Local casino's smallest stake is 1/3 but it is uncapped. Do you recommend 100BBs or 150BBs? Will you explain your preference?

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