10 thoughts on “Biggest “High Limit” BUBBLE CRAPS Play on YOUTUBE! $$$ Rollercoaster ride! Last Vegas Session

  1. Great series. Love the strategy. Although $10 field bets just seem like a waste of time when you’re loading up $200-400 on the don’t pass. Thanks for sharing.

  2. 699 SUBSCRIBERS !!!! I can see you moving to VEGAS !!!! AND BECOMING A PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER !!!! CAN you say ADRENALINE RUSH !!!!????

  3. If you are the only shooter put your hop bets and horn bets first. Then put your dont pass bet last that way you aren't rushed by the timer.

  4. OMG-2…guess you have proven that the dark side is nothing to take lightly!!! Nice job!!! The only thing I would have changed is changing the "We came here to PLAY" to "We came here to WIN!". One more note…I'll bet the next day that bubble craps machine had an "out-of-order" sign on it and was itself on the dark side…this happen to our bubble craps machine at the New York casino after we collectively kicked its butt the night before…no doubt a software update.

  5. Not sure if you are near Lone Butte but you should check it out. They have three styles now-stadium (shares with other games like roulette (typical Interblock)), solo and community (like Aruze)

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