3 thoughts on “Baccarat Winning Strategy with M.M. 2/4/19

  1. I have another system/method i came up with on my own. I'm offering this because you said you are looking for a 3rd system. I call this the counting method. I Bet based on the last count of what was dealt i don't keep a running count. neutral or positive i bet banker and negative i bet player. A,2,3 are +1 and 4's are +2. 5,7 and 8 are -1 and 6's are -2. i use your betting method. try it and let me know what you think

  2. I used this system today your "true chop, true trend" and made 5 units! then I stopped! hit and run is good =) I have seen bbbb,pppp,bbbb,pppp =)
    that's really crazy with that patterns! like you said you need more than 1 system to rob the casino money.

  3. I just made another 4 units! I hope I dont encounter a ghost on the way! My bankroll is not as humongous as urs!

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