How To Play Draws in Poker – A Little Coffee with Jonathan Little, 11/6/2019

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How To Play Draws in Poker – A Little Coffee with Jonathan Little, 11/6/2019

10 thoughts on “How To Play Draws in Poker – A Little Coffee with Jonathan Little, 11/6/2019

  1. Just do youtube only. People can make 3 mouse clicks and find you. You are creating too much of a headache with all of the platforms. Keep up the great work!

  2. What if you have a lot of nut hands but your opponent does not realize you should have a lot of nut hands, do you then just check to exploit a straight forward fishy opponent or still play your range?

  3. Speaking of implementation…How do you do something 60% of the time in a spot anyway? There is no way to keep track of what you have done in that spot the last few times you played it, nor does your opponent know how you played the spot last time, so I fail to see how stuff like this is implementable to that level of specificity. Thus people do it 100% or 0%. What is the method? Also there are infinite “spots” to try to learn the correct gto decision for, so what type of spots should one start learning first?

  4. This is obviously a leak in my game and I will be re-doing the Sept homework again.

    I got 5/10 on the quizz partly because I read into the question and didn't (READ) the question.

    Why do I do that? (Rhetorical) My brain is an egotist, and makes a choice halve way through the question and moves on.

    There's another part that a little more laid back and says hey baby you need to slow down. But for some stupid reason the egotist throws up the middle finger and here we are again.

    Sometimes I wish the egotist would just smoke a blunt, go get laid and shut the love up.

    Yes my life is loveing cartoon. ….. welcome … 😊

  5. I so get the advanced notice that your videos are comming out. I'm sorry that your having issues with your streams.

    I can't catch the live stream very often and that's because I keep wierd hours. Too many years working grave yard shifts. That's one of the reasons poker works for me. I can play cards all night and I'm fresh a daisy while everyone else is half asleep…..😊

  6. Hi Johnathan.
    I like the slightly posh, almost professor like accent.
    After all you are a professor of your trade very successful at that.

  7. Just played quiz. Really cool. Not sure if I agree wholeheartedly with no 9. Getting short and betting 1/3 pot there and being forced to fold if the player jams leaves me very short which is close to what you are saying at the start of this video. Also, we may realise more equity on the turn and How often does an initial raiser have J,10 or K,10 here? Does our op have lots of chips or are they < 40 BBs also? Still happy to get 1 wrong but hmmm. Love your work mate.

  8. If you know little about poker, shove draws oop in small SPRs and raise them in deeper SPRs. In position lean towards calling.

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