First Time Playing XXXTreme Lightning Roulette!!!

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Todays Session: First time playing XXXTreme lightning roulette. What are your thoughts of this new game?!?!

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Please remember to gamble responsibly. Gambling is not a way to make money. Play with what you can afford and do not go over your budget. Have fun, enjoy your wins, and learn from your losses!

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First Time Playing XXXTreme Lightning Roulette!!!

10 thoughts on “First Time Playing XXXTreme Lightning Roulette!!!

  1. hey TT i played also yesterdayon the same time while you plaiyng in the XXXXtreme roullete and you won 1000x on #8, and also you win x2000 in #36..where is the video?

  2. My man.

    I missed it too. But this morning 1000 Mountain Time….

    500x on 30

    1 spin later….

    200x on 30

    4 spins later….

    100x on 36

    I was disgusted lol

    Best of luck bro!

  3. Had a million dollar balance and doin 18k spreads. Suddenly his luck hs always been bad 🤦‍♂️🤣

  4. Hello dante, I really like this YouTube Channel. I'm from Indonesia . I have subscribed and joined discord. Is there a giveaway for me?

  5. Can you stop playing “your numbers” and actually make a system that works for you! It just seems like you’re losing for content now

  6. I'm always watching you here in the philippines and I'm also casino agent . I hope you win more

  7. Bro i can tell you about crazy time strategy
    When you are on the crazy time wheel keep watching until a games comes in then bet 5 spins after and keep doing that after ever bonus you will win most of the times trust me
    I wish i had enough money to do that but unfortunately i dont

  8. So I love your videos 😂😋
    Quick trick I use to double my balance is to look for a 3 or more black or red streak…in a row on any of the roulette tables, and quickly jump on place your bet on that colour, you can go all in or bet half your place, and then at least you'll be able to play more and build more on the other games you wish to play…PS, this does not always work obviously, but it's been working for me so I thought I'd share since you're having such a bad run, anyways all the best and I look forward to the next video 😝🤪

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