DIY – How To Build a Craps Practice Table

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Detailed / Simple Info on how to build a Craps Table (which I made to have my own Shooting Dice Practice Rig).

Some Specifications are different from Casino tables to fit my needs for Space & Camera Equipment!!

Whether small or large, a Practice Shooting station is a MUST for improving your Dice Influencing / Advantage Shooting Skill set!!! Most of All… Have FUN!!!

1. I’ve heard that the width (playing surface) may be closer to 48″ (rather than the 44″ that i had researched previously). That MAY be the case, as I think at the casino’s, the dealer seems further away from me a bit (compared to my practice table).
2. I heard from one old resource (only one unofficial source though), that the Radius of the Corners may be 12″ (curved). Mine was more ‘eye-balled’, but now this was the first actual measurement that i’ve actually heard.


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Video Clip from JCPenny store: Sean Finucane

Joann Fabrics & Crafts
Home Depot

2×4 beam (frame) – $10 (8 ft long) board
2×6 beam (legs) – less than $10 (8 ft long) board
‘Birch’ plywood – $55 per sheet (4’ x 8’)
wood screws (long & short)
staple gun

Pyramid Diamond Bumper – $50 per piece (11”x47”)
14’ Craps Overlay (micro-fiber cover) – $200
regular Felt (sheet from Fabric store) – $20

Dealer Stick – $15-30
On/Off Puck – $8
5-Pack of New Dice – $15-20
Dice Cup (wood) – $12

Informational and Instructional… Please Gamble Responsibly!!!

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DIY – How To Build a Craps Practice Table

8 thoughts on “DIY – How To Build a Craps Practice Table

  1. This is one of best build your own table videos out there! Building a table isn’t all that hard, but I’m constantly wanting to change or upgrade something. Right now it’s the walls. I need better walls. Oh and a better base. Maybe bump up to 12ft….. Ok, thanks Toothpick, now I’m gonna need a brand new table!

  2. great craps practice table building tips, toothpick. funny how duct tape is useful for everything but actual duct work.

  3. Thanks for this wealth of info……..havent been too lucky finding this stuff but you did an awesome job and thanks again for all of the help!

  4. ok toothpick, I am checking out your pages because of CEG. To be honest I am also a craps/games dealer who is also a Software Engineer who is also a Carpenter for most of my Career. I am excited to see what you got-subbed. I am so sad that you didn't or haven't built the whole table. You will wish you had when you tell your friends to come over for some games about stagy and instructing them.

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