Zoom 500 BOSS plays 50 NL

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Join me, mynameiskarl on Pokerstars, as I drop down in stakes to play some 50 NL zoom in this live play video. I might even throw in an overbet here and there. Check out the Upswing Lab for my higher stakes videos: http://bit.ly/Upswing_Lab

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Zoom 500 BOSS plays 50 NL

10 thoughts on “Zoom 500 BOSS plays 50 NL

  1. I struggle a lot against russian grinders. They seem to play perfect against me. And some of them even seem to share ideas about how to adjust vs me (several russian players in the pool keep adapting vs me the same way at the same time). How do you deal with the russian poker school style of play ?

  2. Thanks for the content Karl. If I ever signed up for Upswing Lab, it'd only be to watch your videos. A bit expensive for me atm. 🙂

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