7 thoughts on “Craps Hawaii — Question On ATM Hedge Strategy (Viewer Requested)

  1. Yes, you have it correct. They wouldn't let me play both the do and the dont at the same time. Thanks for addressing this Mel. I agree, they couldn't tell another player they couldn't bet any numbers they wanted to. I also like using the Dont come instead of the dont Pass. Good job sir.

  2. Hey Vince
    He didn’t mention the name of the casino. I said North Las Vegas but I’m pretty sure he said North Nevada..

  3. Hey Ed
    Thank you Sir 👍 anything else I can do for you don’t hesitate to ask. I’m heading for Vegas Aug 1st to 5th be nice if I would run into some of my viewers.
    Take care & Stay Alive at the Tables 😎

  4. Hello Ryan
    To answer your question. I honestly play what the table seems to be giving me at the time. When I step up to a table I usually play a $44 or $66 inside to see what the table is doing and then I adjust my strategy.
    Thanks for your question & please subscribe 👍

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